About me

Doctoral Candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

I am pursuing a Ph.D., the topic of which is geared towards Guidance, Navigation, and Controls of Unmanned Vehicle Systems. I have extensively worked on embedded systems, FPGAs, real-time controller, sensor integration and hardware development for drones and rovers. Also, I have developed algorithms for cooperative control and collision avoidance laws for multi-unmanned vehicles system. Currently, I am working as a research assistant jointly at Aerospace Systems Laboratory and Guidance and Navigation of Autonomous Systems Laboratory, where I am deploying these developed algorithms on the hardware. The Lab is equipped with VICON cameras and other hardware required for R&D in this domain. Talking about my personal interests, I try to stay active in my spare time by engaging myself in physical activities such as Hath Yoga, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Martial Arts and other workouts.